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What To Hunt For When Shopping For A Home Security Camera System In Provo

May 11, 2021
Vivint home security camera in Provo

A home security camera system in Provo can serve as an essential part of your home security. That said, there are a plethora of security cameras available to buy, and it can become confounding which system is most suited for your needs. Look at this simple guide covering what you should be seeking for your system.

Types of home security cameras

et’s break down the cameras you’ll use to personalize your home security camera system in Provo.

  • Interior home security cameras: Interior cameras are mounted on a wall or sit on a table and display the room's central area.

  • Outside home security camera: These cameras hang on the exterior of your property to provide a view of your yard and primary entryways.

  • Doorbell cameras: These guard your porch and packages and allow for a two-way talk feature.


An ideal camera system discreetly deters crime

The problem with a security camera is that it has two opposing needs. On the one side, you need your security devices to be visible to dissuade a break-in. On the other side, you don't want the cameras to be an eyesore to your house. A poorly attached camera, or one that’s too large the space, could possibly hinder your home's aesthetic.

Luckily, there are a myriad of stylish cameras that can still become a hindrance to criminals. A professionally mounted wireless security camera will simply hang beneath your gutters or reside on anywhere without sticking out -- unless you need it to. But, if you buy a camera that comes with a light or LED ring that activates, it will stick out to would-be criminals, scattering them away.

Burglar getting into a back door

Your Provo security cameras system should pair with your Provo home security system

Though you could buy a a doorbell camera or desk camera and call it a day, it's more secure if your home security camera system links into a complete home security system. When your cameras work in tandem with a smart home security system like Vivint, you can view live Hi-Res streams and record videos by using the Vivint app. You can also receive a notification to your mobile device, so you can view what set off your camera's motion detector.

With a paired system, you can also connect it up with other smart security equipment to make your property safer. For example, have your patio lights come on, and your doors latch whenever your cameras detect something stirring. Or tell your 24/7 monitoring professionals to spring into action with the Vivint app. You can even chat with visitors through the two-way talk feature, so it always appears like you're home.

Other features to look for in your Provo home security system

Strong style and linking into a home security system are just a a small number of the things to consider. Here's a a handy guide of what you need to look for in your home security camera:

  • Wide field of vision: Obtain the best possible view of the situation with a minimum of 140° to 180° field of vision.

  • Low-light clarity: You should find a camera complete with built-in infrared LEDs for night security.

  • HD resolution: Modern cameras should broadcast in 4K HD.

  • Motion detection: Look for a security camera with motion sensors that start automatically filming when it senses motion.

  • Wireless capabilities: A wireless camera is easily installed anywhere on or in your house and moved if desired. This camera type is commonly preferable to attaching your camera straight into a power line.


Get the best home security cameras in Provo with Vivint

The best home security cameras with quality installation in Provo come from Vivint. Just call (385) 455-7233 or submit the form below for your risk-free quote. We’ll your available choices and how your cameras can become a vital part of your home security system.